5 Expert Tips To Choose The Right Throw Blanket for Home

A throw blanket is a simple, cost-effective way to add big style to your house. It can be the perfect complement to any place, whether it's in the bedroom for added warmth or in the living room for a trendy touch. Find the ideal throw blanket for your home in this post.

Choose the right size

While duvets and other blankets are available in twin, double, queen, and king sizes, a throw blanket is normally 50" by 60" in size, which is large enough for one person to enjoy comfortably. Some manufacturers, on the other hand, offer a variety of sizes to give you more flexibility and to match your individual requirements. This allows you to easily combine it with any piece of furniture in your home for a unique look!

When purchasing a throw blanket, you must first determine how you intend to use it in order to determine the appropriate size. Is it supposed to be draped across the sofa? Make sure you know the size of the bed before you start shopping for a throw blanket for your bedroom or guest room.

Pick the right color

Throw blankets can be used to bring a dash of color to an area that is otherwise neutral, or they can be chosen to fit in with the current decor. Burnt orange, mustard yellow, brown, navy, pine green, grey, and burgundy are warm fall colors that may make a room feel cozier.

On the other hand, soothing earth tones can be employed to generate feelings of calmness because they are elegant and complement most styles.

Choose the right material

Depending on whether you want to focus on style, function, or both, there are numerous throw materials to select from. The following are some of the most widely used materials:

Throw Blanket Made of Wool: This is a thick, toasty fabric that is ideal for the colder months. Wool is a thick fiber that is also breathable.

Cotton Throw Blanket: Cotton is a natural fabric that is soft and pleasant. It's a cost-effective, adaptable, and breathable fabric that can be used to construct light or heavy throw blankets depending on the season.

Synthetic Materials: Acrylic and polyester are low-cost, warm, lightweight, and hypoallergenic synthetic materials. They're simple to clean and long-lasting.

Fleece Throw Blanket: Fleece is a synthetic material that is warm, lightweight, and simple to care for. It's made of polyester or acrylic fibers and is popular among people who are allergic to wool.

Choose the right throw design

Throw blankets are versatile home design items that come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. Each throw blanket is a great way to add some color to your home without making a major commitment! It's critical to think about the design and mood of your living area when choosing a throw blanket. Do you want something that matches your furnishings or something that adds a splash of color?

Make sure your throw blankets match the rest of your decor, including your bedding, cushions, couch, curtains, and carpeting. However, if you want to add some interest, don't be scared to use diverse textures and patterns.

Pay attention to the season

Throw blankets can appear to be more appropriate for winter and fall when you want to curl up on the couch. They may be used all year to brighten up a space and keep you warm when the weather cools down in the evenings. Just be sure you choose materials and styles that are appropriate for the season:

In the winter, warm fleeces and knits in neutral colors can keep you warm.

Light chenille in warm, vivid colors may brighten up a gloomy autumn day while keeping you cozy.

In the spring, acrylic and polyester in flower-like colors can brighten up the atmosphere.

Natural fibers with relaxing, cool colors, such as cotton, are great for the summer months.

Final thought

A throw blanket is a must-have for any house, whether you're looking for warmth or to beautify a space. I hope you found this in-depth look at selecting throw blankets useful! It's time to start shopping for throw blankets! To add a comfy and elegant piece to your living room or bedroom, visit Pottery Barn and shop for an extensive assortment of throws blankets. Don't forget to take advantage of our Pottery Barn new mover coupon for even more savings.