5 Dirty Bedroom Items You Must Clean

Even with an air purifier, your bedroom can still be dirtier than you think. Here are 5 secret bedroom spots you must clean regularly.


After a long day of working, playing, and doing exercises, you might go straight to your bed. That quickly makes your bedding dirty. It can contain too much bacteria if it isn't washable every week. 

The best item to use is an anti-allergy cover that helps protect your pillow. Also, you should replace your pillow every year. Not just due to dirty, over time, pillows lose support and shape, leaving you with a less than a comfortable night of sleep. If you see the pillow has an indentation of your head permanently etched in place, it’s time for a replacement. 

Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is the simplest tool to remove all the dust in your bedroom. Take time to choose a good vacuum cleaner, which has a HEPA filter. If you use the vacuum without this filter, your bedroom could be sucking up dust, dirt, and grime.

Look for a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters that contain even the smallest particles, and if the vacuum uses bags, make sure those are made from HEPA material as well. 


According to some research, you spend a third of your life sleeping on your mattress. Therefore, this is a place that contains lots of skin flakes, dust mites, bacteria, dust, and grime. Your mattress requires cleaning every week.

The reason why you should clean your mattress every week are:

  • A mattress is a breeding ground for bacteria, the dampness from the sweat and the dead skin cells are perfect for creating bacteria.
  • A dirty mattress can get bed bugs. It's not nice for your health. The best way is to call in professionals to prevent all of them from your bed. 

All of them have negative impacts on your health; they can make you ill. Keep your mattress clean every week, you'll have a good night's sleep for better mood


You always touch the doorknob when going in and out of your room. You don't know the number of times that you touch the doorknob, as well as how many people and all the places those hands have been. The doorknob is a really "dangerous" place that has lots of bacteria. 

Your doorknobs need to be cleaned every day to clear off the germs and bacteria. Remember to wipe down the knobs on each side of the door, and get the closet door knobs too.

To clean the doorknob, follow these steps:

  • Identify the door handle or doorknob material
  • Use the right clean liquid for this material to clean it
  • Clean with disinfectant wipe regularly

Window shades

Every slat on a window is a place to collect dust, pollen, and dander. They are quite difficult to keep clean, however, when you see more grime upon a wipe cloth, you must clean them. 

Curtains also should be cleaned every three months. You can wash them at home, or take them to the dry cleaners. Read the tag to know the curtain’s material so you’ll have the right way to wash it. 

Wrapping up

Cleaning and keeping your room neat will bring you many health benefits. It helps you be less stressed and distracted, which means you can go to bed relaxed and have a good night's sleep. Therefore, pay attention to some dangerous and dirty places in your room more regularly.