5 Best Face Masks To Keep Your Family Safe During COVID-19 Pandemic

Face mask is an important item, especially during the COVID-19. Follow this list of the 5 best family face masks here to keep your family safe.

Vistaprint Kids Face Mask

The Vistaprint Kids Face Mask is a great option for children from 4 years old. It provides many cute themed options, for example, lightning, sunrise, dinosaur, and much more. Your baby can embody the character of their favorite cartoon while staying safe outdoors. The kids' face mask features adjustable latex-free ear loops and should be placed snugly against your child's face for best results.

This face mask is designed with a replaceable filter system, you can reuse it several times. You can buy a 10-pack of filters as an add-on.

In addition, at Vistaprint, you can create a special mask for your child that reflects their interests. Your baby will have a unique mask that nobody can have. This kid mask starts at $10 each when you buy it on Vistaprint. During sale seasons or holidays, there are lots of high Vistaprint discounts that you can save on your baby face masks. Buy them now to keep your kids safe.

Vida Protective Mask

Made of two 100% cotton layers, the Vida protective mask is a good option mask for all children. With these layers, it features adjustable straps and a hidden metal nose-piece for a snug fit. Each mask comes with 3 layers of filter, including two layers of Metblow Filter and one layer of Carbon Activated Fabric.

The mask is 8.67 inches wide and 6 inches high, so it fits most adults and kids from 5 years old.

The Vida Protective Mask provides lots of fun colors that attract children. The filters should be replaced every seven days. Like other face masks, the Vida mask starts at $10 for a single, and you can save money while buying in bulk. If you like Vida and want to share it with your friends, the store offers a $10 Vida discount code for each successful referral.

AIRISM Face Mask

For sun protection, AIRISM Face Mask is on top. This face mask comes from the Uniqlo brand is ultra-protective, comfortable, and smooth on the skin. It's made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex. Therefore, this mask is easy to wash by washing machine.

AIRISM Face Mask has a three-tier structure. The first layer wicks away moisture, the second layer is made of Polypropylene, and the third layer uses the AIRism Mesh that blocks out UV rays as a bonus.

AIRISM Face Mask is a basic style that comes in small through large sizes. It has black and white colors, suitable for all situations in life.

Sanctuary 5 Pack Fashion PPE Masks

Sanctuary 5 Pack Fashion PPE Masks is a good mask that protects you from the environment while making you comfortable. It is made of 100% cotton muslin with a double inner layer and a fabric filter.

Sanctuary Clothing releases many discounts for customers. For new customers, sign up for the newsletter program, you'll receive a 15% Sanctuary Clothing code for your first order. Also, once your cart reaches $75 or more, Sanctuary Clothing will ship to your door for free.

Naturepedic Organic Cotton Face Mask

Naturepedic Organic Cotton Face Mask is a famous mask in organic. It comes in a pack of six face masks. The face mask is made of two 100% organic cotton layers, certified to the GOTS organic standard.

Understanding the difficulty when wearing a mask for a long time,  Naturepedic has designed an incredibly comfortable fit that provides plenty of clearance with good facial coverage. The price of a 6-pack Naturepedic face mask is $29.00 - an affordable price compared with the quality.

Each face mask has different features, however, all of them are suitable for both adults and children. You can select one of them to keep your family members safe when going outside, during the pandemic.