4 Things You Should Notice Before Your First Golf Outing

The first time you try a new sport or activity, it can be overwhelming, and the golf course is no exception. We've drilled down into the basic elements you should notice in this post to assist you to have the best first golf experience possible.

How To Pick The Right Golf Course

There are so many aspects to consider when picking a golf course that it doesn't make sense to ask a random friend or family member on Facebook for a recommendation. So when choosing a golf course, keep the following in mind:

  • - Availability: Are there any times available at the golf course that works for you?
  • - Location: Where is the golf course? What is the maximum number of golfers they can accommodate? Is this an appropriate site for the bulk of your golfers?
  • - Cost: Is the cost in line with your budget?
  • - Difficulty: Will the course be too demanding or too easy for the people who will be taking it?

Do You Have The Right Equipment

Before you head out onto the course, let's have a look at your golfing gear. Make sure you have a complete set so you don't miss any shots due to distance gaps.

Next, make sure you have a functional golf bag in which to store all of your gear. Then, make sure that all of your clubs are clean and ready to use. Your consistency on the course will be harmed by dirty golf clubs. Before your outing begins, take a quick look at your golf equipment to see whether you need any more equipment.

You should not only select the appropriate golf equipment but also understand the fundamentals of how to use it. It's also crucial to figure out what you can do to improve your skills.

Indoor putting greens are one of the most important aspects of the game for gaining confidence. Amateurs can use the greens to train and improve their aiming, according to seasoned golfers. You may learn how to use the various golf equipment in as little as 10 minutes every day if you practice your putting.

What To Wear To The Golf Course

These days, dress codes vary significantly, especially because several facilities have reduced their dress codes to avoid appearing stuffy.

Public courses and pitch-and-putts aren't known for imposing strict dress codes these days. However, if you are a new player, we suggest that you try to blend in with appropriate golf clothes.

That implies a collared shirt tucked into pants or shorts for guys. A collared shirt with or without sleeves, a polyester or spandex short or skort, and athletic shoes are excellent choices for ladies. However, once you've gained some confidence, don't be hesitant to show off your personality.

For starters, we recommend you visit Bad Birdie for your golf apparel. At Bad Birdie, unique golf clothing is made to bring both comfort and a stylish look without sacrificing your performance or good vibes. Sometimes, you can also try the Bad Birdie discount code to save your pocket when shopping.

What To Bring To The Course

At first, you don't need to be fully equipped to play golf, but here are the essentials you should have on your golf bag.

  • - Golf Tees: These tees are big enough for you to alter the height of your driving to your preference.
  • - Divot Repair Tool: Backspin, loft, and distance have all been proven to improve considerably with the Divot Repair Tool.
  • - Golf Towel: A golf towel is crucial for keeping your equipment and golf balls clean. When it's hot outside, wet the inside towel and use it to clean your dirty club faces and golf balls before drying them on the outside. When it's wet outside, clean your hands and golf grips with the inner towel.
  • - Golf Balls: Choosing the right golf ball for your swing will lessen the amount of fresh spin added to the ball and give you a better feel for the course.

Golf shoes are recommended but not required in addition to these necessities. The majority of courses allow athletic shoes.


That covers all you need to know when you are a starter. Believe us when we say that the first time may be difficult, but no one will notice the bad shots you made. Keep a positive attitude and prepare well, and you'll have a fantastic day on the course.