4 Must-Haves for DIY Enthusiasts to Make Scrapbooking Easier

Scrapbooking is a way of life for many DIY enthusiasts! And, like with any other trade, there is expert equipment to assist polish your work or, at the very least, make prep work much easier. Make your art-and-craft life easier with these four must-have DIY equipment.

Frame Punch Board

The Frame Punch Board is intended to save you time while creating and cutting frames for your photographs. You can cut a photo frame from cardboard or printed paper in seconds with this handy gadget, which eliminates the need for scissors or a paper cutter.

Rather than painstakingly punching each shaped hole and spending hours of your valuable time, buy this punch board to rapidly punch forms into your frames, whether they be layouts, cards, mini-albums, journals, or anything else. The Frame Punch Board comes with a wide range of forms to select from, including common options like a heart shape and unusual options like a hexagon.

Washi Tape Runner

Duct tape is the MacGyver technique for just about everything. Duct tapes may be used to adhere things together and are less messy than glue and easier to use than hot melt adhesives. However, in a scrapbooking endeavor, the number of duct tapes you will need to tear off will be coma-inducing.

Instead, use a Washi Tape Runner to duct-tape your projects fast. Because of how easy they are, tape runners are becoming more popular, gradually removing the need for both duct tape and scissors in many settings, such as schools and offices. So, instead of using clumsy scissors and duct tape, acquire this small gadget to speed up your scrapbooking.

Mini Evolution Advanced Die Cutting Tool

Traditionally, when cutting shapes, you'll need something to trace the forms, or at the very least pencils to draw the lines, you'll be cutting. While it works, for forms that require symmetry to look great, you may require some assistance to avoid cutting into the shape and ruining your work.

The Mini Evolution Advanced Die Cutting Tool is here to make your cutting job a breeze. With this tool, you can create whatever form you want, as many as you want, on the fly, and as quickly as possible with a single touch of your palm. Furthermore, its small size makes it easy to transport, allowing you to set up your scrapbooking camp wherever you go.

The Cinch Bindery Tool

The wonder worker for everyone who enjoys creating plans. For a long time, do-it-yourselfers have been making their own bindings. However, even the most experienced planner designers might encounter unsuitable gaps when creating their blinds. You can usually still put the binding wires through the holes in your pages, but it takes twice as long.

Get a Cinch Bindery Tool to save yourself the trouble. You may now add holes on your pages wherever you like. Simply choose the location and push firmly. The board will hold your pages and binding wires in place until you are finished, at which point it will snap the wires close.

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Art and craft allow you to make all of the costly cards, picture books, calendars, and binders for a fraction of the cost. That being said, if you don't know where to acquire your goods, they will cost you much. If you want to start a DIY pastime but don't know where to start, Udemy provides several courses that will teach you the secrets of arts and crafts.