4 DIY Fall Wreaths That’s Easy to Make at Home (Part 2)

Fall wreath is a great way to pay homage to fall as this item helps to elevate your home this autumn. And nothing better than making a fall wreath on your own as it will give you ineffable joys. We’ve curated 4 easy-to-make DIY fall wreaths in our previous list, and we want to give you 4 others to broaden your choice.

Fall Wheel Wreath

A stunning fall wreath that requires no wreath? Sign us up. This striking fall wheel wreath will spruce up your front door actually.

Here is the way to make this fall wheel wreath:

Step 1: Start with your foliage and stick to one side of the wheel, you can use floral wire or hot glue.

Step 2: Arrange faux apples or pomegranates in layers on top of the foliage and secure.

Step 3: Add a pick of pumpkins and fill in any gaps , fasten to the wheel.

Step 4:  Tie all of the hues together by adding some faux florals, secure.

Step 5: Hang with a burlap ribbon to jazz it up.

DIY Fall Pine Cone Wreath

A pine cone project is the easiest thing for fall crafting. Make use of it to add some autumnal beauties to your front porch

Flow these steps to make this ultimate fall wreath:

Step 1: Take a burlap ribbon to wrap a 16-inch wreath form, loop a piece around the wreath form for hanging.

Step 2: Paint the tip of 40 pine cones in orange, yellow, and beige for fall vibes. Use acrylic paint to get better color.

Step 3: Use matte Mod Podge to brush the tips of 10 pine cones , then sprinkle with gold and copper glitter, wait until it gets dry.

Step 4: Wrap an 18-inch length of floral wire around the base of each pine cone, twist tie around the wreath form to fasten.

DIY Corn Husk Wreath

Flint corn makes a fall statement, and it’s eye-catching. It’s also easy to make that won’t take your ages.

Here is the direction:

Step 1: Separate husks from one side of 20 medium-size flint corn

Step 2: Use hot-glue to secure undersides of the corn to their husks

Step 3: Arrange corn in a circle, alternating colors

Step 4: Secure the corn to an 18-inch craft ring by the hot-glue, fill in any sparse areas with extra husks.

Berries & Greenery Wreath

Fall is well-known as a time to harvest, so wreaths brimming with vibrant greens and fruits will add autumnal vibes to your front door. This wreath looks so elegant with tea leaves and sprays of berries.

Here is the way to make this elegant wreath:

Step 1: Wrap the tea leaves around the wreath, make sure that you don’t shorten them stem

Step 2: Secure the plastic stems with some floral wire, keep going around the wreath

Step 3: Shorten the stem a bit, then trim off the sprigs that stick out too much and hot glue them into spots that need more greenery.

Step 4: Hot glue 3 bigger chunks of berries to the wreath, then fasten to 2-4 berries to fill the rest of the wreath.

It’s worth a shot to try one of four foregoing DIY fall wreaths, the result will actually make you swoon.