4 Best Skates for Beginners in 2022

Skating is all the rage on Tiktok and Instagram. There are many videos of skating going viral with millions of views. That ignites massive interest in this amusing sport, making people want to embark on it. To have a flawless skating beginning, an ideal pair of skates is a must. With dozens of skates coming on the scene, it’s hard to find the best one to support your skating from the get-go. So we highlight 4 best skates for beginners this year to get you started. We source them from reviews, expert guides, and also our tests.

Impala Roller Skates

Impala is one of the best skates for beginners. With their aluminum plate, hybrid indoor-outdoor wheels, and a fixed toe stop, they’re ideal for learning how to skate, and basic dance moves. Made of high-quality synthetic materials, they provide such a comfortable feeling. They're also the right choice for folks with sustainable lifestyles thanks to their PETA-approved vegan materials.

Impala roller skates are also eye-catching with a range of unique colors and design, making it hard for you to walk away. There are 16 colors available, they all give you style while skating. Currently retailed at $154.54, that’s a steal at this price for well-design and functional skates. You can use an Impala Skates discount code to lower your total payment, up to 75% off.

C7 Quad Skates

C7 Quad Skates will also help you get the best skating experience. They boast a retro design with a modern twist that looks sleek. Besides these stakes are slim and lightweight, keeping you comfortable while skating. Their wheels are designed for both indoor and outdoor skating, yet some reviewers find them are a bit small. Therefore, it’s better to wear it inside.

Most C7 Quad Skates are sold at $139.95. But there are many skates that are on sale, just for $69.99 now. There’s no shipping fee if you order inside the US. Use C7 Skates coupons to save on your purchase.

Sure-Grip GT-50 Outdoor

Sure-Grip GT-50 Outdoor is also a great contender for the best skate for beginners. Thanks to its low-cut boot design, it helps you get the spot-on balance to get started. Its pads are ultra-thick, making it comfortable yet adding quite a bit of bulk. Its wheels are quite hard, making it easy for beginners to learn the basics such as plow stops.

Its price ranges from $169.99 to $194.99 at Roller Skate Nation. It depends on the size you go for. Don’t forget to use Roller Skate Nation promo codes to put a dent in your payment.

Riedell Competitor 120

Riedell Competitor 120 is the most compelling of beginner artistic roller skates. What makes this skate high-rated is the leather boots, making it comfortable and well-padded. It also features an upgraded aluminum plate with jump bars to provide extra support for doing jumps on your skates.

These Riedell skates offer different sizes of black and white boots. While the black boot is in men's size, the white is in women's size. Their size chart is also better than most other skate brands. It’s now retailed at My Roller Skate Word for $369.95, down from $399.00. That’s not a small price, yet if your budget allows, you won’t regret buying this ultimate skate. Apply a My Roller Skate Word promo code at the checkout to make a dent in your payment.

Bottom Lines

With our list of 4 best skates for beginners, you are ready to go. All of them are made with high-quality material and eye-catching design, giving you both function and style. Check size guides when coming to any store to get your most practical pair, and don’t forget to use their promotion to save a fair bit on your purchase.