4 Best Digital Pianos that Classical Pianists Enjoy in 2021

You’re wrong if you think that only classical piano gives you the best sounds. Nowadays, digital pianos are all the rage thanks to incredible features that give you fantastic notes. In this article, we want to highlight the 4 best digital pianos that many pianists have tried and loved.

Yamaha YDP-184 Digital Piano

A brand that doesn’t need much introduction, Yamaha has been at the forefront of instrument brands. Their pianos are no exception as they pretty much have had a cult following, and for the digital piano range, this YDP-184 wins the hearts of veteran pianists.

It’s designed to replicate the sounds of the Yamaha CFIIIS - a grand piano that is attracted by many concert pianists. The brand has sampled the piano in incredible detail by applying Yamaha’s excellent Pure CF sound engine, offering a concert-like sound. Besides, the incredible hammer action creates a feeling of classical piano, that’s ideally suited to the pianist who lends toward classical styles.

With three pedals included, you can easily control the sustain and resonance, the same as an acoustic model of piano. Besides, this piano range features iOS connectivity, and the ability to link to your laptop for recording and controlling. A playback and recording mode also allows you to record your practice on the fly.

Don’t miss the boat on this top-notch digital piano. Get this now, and don’t forget to use Yamaha promo codes to put a huge dent in your payment.

Casio Celviano GP-310 Grand Hybrid

This is the most authentic choice for a digital piano. This outstanding piano features a real hammer action, and is constructed in collaboration with one of the most respected brands in pianos, C. Bechstein - and even employs the same Austrian spruce.

While playing this GP-310, the hammers moving inside the body of the piano will offer the tactile feedback you’ve come to expect from an acoustic piano, engendering a more satisfying playing experience. 

With three main piano voices - Berlin, Vienna, and Hamburg, this piano brings a trio of classic piano sounds that can be suited for virtually any situation. Give this digital piano with a truly authentic action a spin now for only $3,428.18 at Thomann, use Thomann coupons to save up to 80% off.

Roland HP702

Roland has been long known for outstanding sounds, and the SuperNATURAL sound engine proves that Roland knows how to recreate the complex sound of a piano. This astonishingly sophisticated tone engine not only delivers marvelous piano sounds that melt anyone listening to them but an enormous 324 voices, as well as limitless polyphony (when using piano category sounds).

Besides, the PHA-4 Standard keyboard will give you a great playing experience. The action isn’t as heavy as the Yamaha and isn’t as light as the Casio, so it’s a match made from heavens for players looking for the middle ground. The texture of the keys elevates the authenticity and feels great under the fingers.

Get this ultimate digital Piano at Thomann for 1.890,03 $. It’s well worth it for a terrific-sounding digital piano.

Alesis Recital Pro

This is such a budget-friendly Piano that costs only $330 at Amazon, yet its quality is second to none.

The star of this piano is the design of an intuitive button and LCD readout that make this keyboard easy to use. It features premium sounds with 12 voices, including Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Synth, and Bass… In addition, the sounds of the piano are clear with built-in FX: Chorus, Modulation, Reverb, and 2 built-in 20W speakers.

At a very good price, this piano is a great option for those who are strapped for money yet still wish for a great digital piano. Don’t forget to apply Amazon discount codes at the checkout to get save more.


No matter which digital piano you go for, you should consider the size of your space to get a fit piano that makes you feel comfortable while playing. On top of that, don't hesitate to check the key actions, make sure they are right to your feelings.

These 4 foregoing pianos with marvelous features will allow you to create incredible and indelible melodies. Get them now and use their promotions to save on your purchase. For people who are looking for a place to learn to play piano, click here.