4 Amazing LEGO Sets To Boost Your Kid Creativity

Among many toys for children, LEGOs are a great option to increase a kid's creativity. In this article, we’ll look at some of the top 4 biggest and best LEGO sets of all time ever released.

LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box

Whether your kid loves LEGO and has a big LEGO collection, or starting to jump in this game, a LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box set contains everything your kids will need to create complex LEGO creations. 

This Classic lego has a total of 790 pieces and comes with 33 different colored bricks. This set includes 8 different toy windows and doors, 2 green baseplates, as well as 6 toy tires and toy wheel rims for kid’s creativity. 

This LEGO set is designed for 4-year kids or older, so it's safe and doesn't have tiny pieces. It comes in a plastic storage container, ensuring cleaning up easily. This LEGO box is at a reasonable price, for just $38. You can order it at Amazon or Walmart. That's a perfect birthday gift for your kids!

LEGO Friends City Park Cafe

The LEGO Friends City Park Cafe is one of the famous LEGO sets from the Friends line. It has 222 pieces to help kids to know about their neighborhood café, from money to flowers, fancy cupcakes, giant coffee cups, and much more.

This LEGO set is suitable for children from 6 years old. They can play with their friends or even parents. Everything can create a fun time for your kid.

The price of this LEGO set is $84. Once you have the Lego Friends promo code, don't forget to apply it at checkout for more savings. 

LEGO Disney Princess Elsa's Magical Ice Palace

If your kids love Disney cartoons, especially play "Let It Go" on repeat, the LEGO Disney Princess Elsa's Magical Ice Palace is a perfect choice for them. It's inspired by the Frozen movie. Comes with over 700 pieces, this set is suitable for children 6 years old. They can create their favorite movie scenes and take Anna and Elsa on new adventures. 

Your kid has everything to build a 12-inch high Elsa's Magical Ice Palace, complete with a revolving staircase, snow playground, and ice monster. Also, this set contains snowmen figures and carriages, which allow your kid to create an amazing Christmas atmosphere.  

With the price of $80, the LEGO Disney Princess Elsa's Magical Ice Palace is a good gift choice for the Christmas holiday for your kid. Don't forget to apply LEGO Disney coupon codes to enjoy more savings. 

LEGO City Town Fun in the Park

Each LEGO set typically comes with a few LEGO people, however, if your kids love to get more population, they can consider the LEGO City Town Fun in the Park. It contains 14 new figures, plus baby and dog figures, to build their cities for children from 5 years and up. 

With over 157 pieces, your kids will have all the pieces to build a thriving city park. There are more than 10 new characters in this LEGO pack, such as grandparents, a baby, and a dog. Also, your kid can decor their city with trees, a merry-go-round, picnic tables, and even flowers. The city park will be more realistic than others.

Bottom line

LEGO is a great toy to boost your kid's creativity and imagination. These sets are ideal for kids who already have a huge LEGO collection, or just start to jump into this game. Let's choose them as a gift for your kid.