4 Amazing Ideas To Jazz Up Your Date Night

Having good experiences together is a great way for couples to make memories. Looking for fun things to do with your partner any time you’re wanting a date night? Here’s a couple of date night ideas to get you started.

Take Your Date to a Concert

If you two are keen on music and have a favorite artist or band that you both love, this can be a great idea for your next date night. Spending time with your significant other in an energetic and dynamic crowd in the concert is really a new experience you must try. Check if the artist is going to have a concert this year and start to splurge on tickets!

Some even agree that a concert is the best first date. Dim lighting from a concert sets the tone for romance, and the music is a good conversation starter. You can take this opportunity to connect with your date by moving in for a dance.

Learn Something New Together

Participating in a cooking class is definitely a unique date idea. And cooking as a couple is not only romantic, it’s delicious and you can choose any dishes you want. Trying your hand at a local cooking class is easy and such a great way to go, yet you can also find cooking sessions from some restaurants. And there are plenty of virtual classes to learn how to cook your favorite dishes at home too!

Play Couple Games for Game Night

Playing fun couple games with other friends or couples also ensures you have a good time with others like you -  you are all in a relationship. You will not only bond with each other but also have fun with other couples. Though not all couples are the same, you have chances to engage with others and build a good support system. Some of the best couple games to spend quality time together include:

  • One Word One Answer
  • NudgeText
  • Sushi Go Card Game
  • Dare Duel
  • Adult Loaded Questions Game

Surprise Your Partner with a Happily Date Box

How about a date night at home for two? If you two are just not into going out, having a night that is completely planned in comfort at home is no doubt the best option. Staying in does not necessarily mean boring as Happily Date Boxes with wonderful boxes are going to do the hard work for you. Their boxes match a specific theme including such things as cocktails or brainteasers, and enough activities for you to enjoy the whole night.

Indoor Camp Out Collection

This premium collection is made to help you set up camp and bring the outdoors into your house.

The Indoor Camp Out includes:

  • Ghirardelli premium hot cocoa mix
  • 2 Gentlemen’s Hardware mugs
  • A S’mores kit
  • Mini cast iron hibachi grill with wooden base
  • Fuel 21 canister
  • Matchbox
  • Gentlemen’s Hardware campfire games
  • A Blanket
  • Copper string lights
  • P.F. Candle Co. candle
  • Fieldnotes

Simply create a comfy hideaway by setting the scene, roasting sweet s’mores, drinking premium hot cocoa. Now you are ready for your adventure with amazing campfire games. 

Wine can also be a great alternative to hot cocoa mix, especially when you want to make it extra romantic. Check out our other post: How to Chill Wine Properly for The Ultimate Benefits

You + Me Notebook

No matter whether you’ve been together for 3 months or 30 years, capturing and recounting all the amazing moments you’ve shared as a couple is always fun activities to do. That’s the idea of the You + Me notebook. You can fill it out however you want, with color, pictures, ticket stubs of your choices. Add love notes and all the memories that make your relationship special and unique to you. 

This amazing notebook comes with lots of fun sections, and they are going to keep you entertained and loving your story.

Monthly Date Box Subscription

There are also some varieties of monthly date box subscriptions for you to choose from, and they’ll deliver exactly the box you need every month. You can make it casual or make it serious depending on each subscription. They start from a mere $39.99 / per month only, and you may even get a better price when using the Happily Date Box coupon code at checkout.


Planning for a date night will no longer make you feel hard as these date night ideas are going to take your pressure off. Spending time with the love of your life will be full of fun and memorable experiences. Also, never forget to apply a Happily Date Box coupon code to make your date night easy and affordable.