3 Tried and True Portable Photo Printers for Iphone 2021

Everyday, we take a host of photos with our iphone, yet digital storage can not replace the meaningful printed ones. Luckily, portable Iphone photo printers allow you to print them without connecting to the computer. Simply pair the device through bluetooth, you can print them anytime, anywhere. They are also one of ideal birthday gifts for tech lovers.

Based on consumer feedback, extensive external testing as well as our own product experience, I’ve settled on 3 best portable photo printers for Iphone 2021 and I will share with you in this article.

HP Sprocket

HP Sprocket portable photo printers are an excellent companion for your Iphone or Ipad. Printing can be done wirelessly with this printer via bluetooth. Besides, The printer doesn’t require any ink cartridges as it prints on special chemical paper. It prints glossy and bright 2 x 3 inch images onto sticky-backed HP ZINK photo paper.


Many printers aficionados have a soft spot for this brand as it offers a free app that allows for shareable photo albums. You can also personalize prints by using HP's free software. When printed out, you can make use of these photos to embellish walls, lockers or photo albums.

The speed is 40 seconds per print, more or less. The printer features a micro USB cable for recharging, you can select between black or white color.

It costs around $125 per one printer. This is a reasonable price for a stunning item that allows you to print your photo anytime, anywhere. Make use of HP Sprocket coupons to buy it at a fraction of the cost.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Special Edition

Fujifilm has had the world falling in love with its incredible colors. And Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Special Edition is fresh to the marketplace, yet its quality is second to none. Connectivity is wireless via Bluetooth, and outputs credit card-sized 2x3-inch photos.

The printing is seamless, each photo prints in around 12 seconds in incredibly vivid Fujifilm colors. Not only the iPhone, you can also take a screenshot from the Nintendo Switch, and using Fujifilm's free app, you can add a filter, border and then print out your preferred characters.

Its price is around $150 depending on the options. Take advantage of Fujifilm Instax promotion to save a fair bit on your purchase.

Lifeprint Portable Photo and Video Printer

If you want a printer that can do more than just print photos, you should go for a Lifeprint printer. It applies some wickedly cool Harry Potter magic to your prints to bring them to life via augmented reality (AR).


Thanks to its small size, you can take it anywhere and wow your friends, provided that it is connected through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your iPhone. You can print photos out from your device from the Lifeprint app or connect it to your social media accounts and print directly from there.

Prints with Lifeprint use ZINK technology that allows you print without ink cartridges or toner. With this printer, you will get larger prints than the standard with its 3x4.5 photo printers allow you print out your high-quality photo.


These 3 foregoing portable Iphone photo printers allow you print out your high-quality photo anytime and anywhere. Take advantage of their coupons to save a fair bit when buying it online.