3 Requirements to Online Shopping For A Fit Bra

Some of us wear unflattering bras that scrape into our skin, fall off the shoulders, and cause embarrassing spillage. If you don't know your size, finding the best fit online is nearly impossible. With the 3 following requirements below, you can totally get the perfect bra from your own space.

What to know before choosing your bras?

There are plenty of things to put into consideration before choosing a suitable bra for yourself. Here are some major points to take note of.

Your bra measurements

Bras come in various sizes and styles. That’s why women should know their true sizes when choosing a new bra. You can apply the thumb rule to find your measurement: 

If you go up in the band, you must go down in the cup, and vice versa. In general, a 32C might be able to suit a 30D or a 34B. If you're a 34C, you could discover that a 36B or 32D bra fits you better.

Another way that you can use to find your size is to do the math. It's the number you get when subtracting your under-boob rib cage circumference from the circumference of your breasts at their fullest position that corresponds to your alphabetical cup size.

The bra’s fabric

Fabric is the most important thing when looking for a bra. The most concerning is the movement of the fabric, which means it contains  Spandex fibers. To retain and contour the breasts, the cups should have little to no mobility. Think smooth, thin, and robust when looking for cup fabric since you want to support your clothes to glide smoothly over the bra. You should also look for a fabric that is both comfy and easy to clean.

Nylon, polyester, cotton, Spandex, and silk are common bra cup fabric fibers. Tricot, raschel, and even jersey knit are common bra fabrics. For premium underwear, woven fabrics such as stretch silk charmeuse (silk with Spandex) and 100 percent silk are utilized.

The bra’s styles

Bras have lots of styles that women can use in different occasions. Each woman should have at least 4 different bra styles, including:

  • - Traditional-style bras: a black or a smooth T-shirt bra in your skin tone
  • - Sports bras: minimizes bounce during physical activities
  • - Convertible bras: can be changed to be strapless, racerback, halter, or criss-cross for tops
  • - Non-underwire bra or bralette: can wear it when traveling or lounging

Where to buy bras online?

Refer to our suggested online stores below in case you want to buy high-quality bras.


Cuup is one of the most famous stores that provide a wide range of bras and swimwear. This seductive brand combines form and function with a collection of "iconically unlined" designs that provide lift and support with a bare minimum of construction. Cuup was created to challenge these standards with elegantly engineered solutions. 

The design concept of CUUP is based on everyday respect for a woman's body. It elevates the bra from a utilitarian necessity to an expressive foundation by curating color via an artistic viewpoint. 

You will find different styles and sizes of bras at Cuup. All swimsuits and bras at this store are made of smooth microfiber and breathable translucent nylon in sizes A to H. They also offer fittings, a fit quiz, and customer service chat. Don’t forget to use Cuup coupon codes to reduce your total cart value.


If you want to buy new bras online, visit Upbra. Unlike other bras that allow you to adjust the cups closer together, the Upbra stays put so you always look the same from the outside.

Don't worry if your size is small. Upbra products are the perfect push-up bra for smaller cup sizes. The better the push-up bra, the better flatters your natural curves. The Upbra bra is a budget-friendly solution to look up to two cup sizes larger. It's a great perfect choice for those considering breast enhancement surgeries.

The Upbra bras are at an affordable price, starting from $89.00. Upbra offers lots of discount promotions that can save thousands of dollars. Apply Upbra coupons at checkout and enjoy your saving. If lucky, you can reduce your cart by up to 50% off.


Women should wear the right bras for your own sizes and styles. With these 3 requirements, buying bras online can never be easier. Don’t forget to find any Upbra coupons that will help you save some money when purchasing your bras.