3 Perfect Playmats Mom Should Get For Her Baby

The fact is that even if you want, you can't hold your child 24/7. Playmats are a helpful piece of gear for your child. Check out top playmats for your baby here in the article.

Benefits of playmats

A playmat brings many benefits for children, as well as for us as parents. These multi-functional mats can be used for tummy time, or keep your baby safe when they play LEGOs, playdough, or other activities. 

Playmats are perfect for all babies, especially in tummy time: 

  • Strengthen their neck and shoulder muscles
  • Develop motor skills
  • Prevent getting a flat head 

You can use a playmat from day one, but it's more suitable for babies between three to six months old.

Top recommended playmats

Toki Mats Padded Play Mat

Toki Mats use a removable fabric cover, purely natural latex foam insert, and zip closure. These mats have many color options, such as gray, blue, and coral. All playmats are packaged in a PVC wire-frame travel case with a handle. Toki Mats play mats have 1'' thick natural latex foam. Their foam is made from rubber tree sap and produced with the energy-efficient Dunlop process.

The price of Toki Mats Padded Play Mat is $175.00. Toki Mats runs many discounts to help customers save on money. Don't skip to subscribe to the Toki Mats newsletter service to become the first one who gets coupons and exclusive deals. 

Skip Hop DOUBLEPLAY Reversible Playmat

This mat is perfect for parents who need a soft spot for baby and toddler to play, but don't have a big enough storage space in a house. Designed to double the choices for stylish and safe floor covering, these playmats flips from a colorful kid-friendly pattern on one side, and a more modern one on the other. It’s easy to wipe down after a mess and just as easy to roll up and store in a small space.

Some DOUBLEPLAY Reversible Play Mat features:

- Suitable for babies from 0 month

- Water-proof material, easy to clean

- Made of PVC-free and Phthalate-free foam

- Size: 86l x 52w (cm); 31 square feet

This playmat has a price of $109.99. It's a good choice for both quality and price. Also, for all orders at $35 or more, you'll receive Skip Hop free shipping.

Tiny Love Tiny Princess Tale Super Mat

The Tiny Love Tiny Princess Tales Super Mat features a variety of engaging activities to encourage your baby’s development process. This mat is suitable for both on the go and at home. Its size is 39 X 59 inches, ensuring a safe space for a baby everywhere, including at a park, at a home, or vacation houses.

While this mat doesn't hang any toy overhead, it has a variety of textures, images, and toys so that babies can learn to develop their skills. Children will love using the butterfly teether to soothe themselves during playtime.

To buy the Tiny Love Tiny Princess Tale Super Mat, you can place your order on their website or Amazon. It's only $40.00. Don't skip a great play mat for your baby.


Playmat is one of the necessary baby gear. Before purchasing a baby playmat, be sure to check the size and materials of the mat to ensure it will fit where you need it to. There are many different kinds of playmats as well as the sizes they come in, select the best fit for you and your child.