3 Flood Safety Guidance: How to Save Your Home From a Flood

While WestAmerica is sustaining heavy losses from wildfire, Europe is currently coping with floods. In the last few days, an unprecedented flood has ravaged Europe. Especially, German and Belgium have been overwhelmed with at least 200 people dying and a dozen buildings damaged. It’s a blatant catastrophe that many gorgeous towns are choked with mud and debris now.

We have observed many catastrophic floods in the world. It can happen anytime, anywhere. In case you must go through it, it’s necessary to know the ways to cope with this for surviving. I want to walk you through 3 handy guidance for home safety from a flood in this article. Let’s dive into it.

Stay Informed

To have a good preparation for coping with floods, you have to stay tuned to the update from emergency services and weather reports. Then, the TV and the Radio should be your companion.

More to the point, you should be aware of the difference between the flood watch and a flash flood watch.

Flood Watch (also called Flood Warnings) may last for days or even weeks, as they tend to be issued when an overflow of water is expected in an area due to heavy rain or runoff.

Flash flood watches (also called flash flood warnings) are released when there is an excess rush of precipitously rising water in a short period, usually six hours or less. It is far more dangerous as it occurs with little warning. It’s also much more powerful than floods and often become raging torrents of water, sweeping away everything in their path.

And then, you are able to make a spot-on decision when to hunker down or leave.

Prepare Your Home

Even when the weather is so nice now, you should prepare your home as it helps to avoid problems later when the flood happens.

You should watch your foundation as it can crack and open up areas that would allow water in.  Then you can seal up any cracks in your foundation as it’s the easiest measure to take. Caulking is easy to come by, you can even buy it online and don’t forget to use caulking coupons to save a fair bit.

Spread sealant over the walls to prevent water from seeping in and damaging your home. It won’t take your ages, spend your weekend to go over the brick, stone or concrete foundation of your home.

Besides, you should install a sump pump as it will pump the water out of your home as soon as it senses water on the floor. Make sure the pump works properly and keep its battery-powered backup with fresh batteries.

Prepare Emergency Kits

In case you have to evacuate, you'll need supplies right away.

Gather a collection of supplies, with necessities such as dry clothing, personal IDs, drinking water, and other important items you deem necessary for flood preparation. Consist of an axe or hatchet as well, to break out onto the roof of your home when the flood level reaches high. You should prepare a kit for your home and for your vehicle.

Apply these 3 foregoing ultimate guidance to keep your home safe as floods happen.