3 Best Tire Brands 2021: Buyer’s Guide to the Best Tires (Part 2)

Understanding the importance of good tires for your safe and comfortable driving, we've listed the first 3 best tire brands of 2021 in the previous blog. Here come 3 others.


Having been in business since 1931, Bridgestone Corporation is a behemoth Japanese multinational auto and truck parts manufacturer and became the world’s largest tire manufacturer.

There are more than 100 different tire models for just about every driving application and condition such as all-season tires, mud terrain tires, and all-terrain tires.  Its Blizzak winter tire line, introduced in the 1990s has had the word falling in love with its superb performance on snowy, icy roads. It now offers nine different varieties.

Along with Blizzak, the Potenza line offers ultra-high- and high-performance tires. They also provide Turanza and Ecopia tires for passenger vehicles.

With its excellent performance in any weather condition, you should replace your recently old tires for it now. Take advantage of Bridgestone coupons to put a huge dent in your payment.


Continental (also known as Conti) is a German tire manufacturer that has been making a name for itself since 1871. It’s a part of a gigantic multinational conglomerate that makes all types of subsystems for automotive and transportation applications. This brand is also well-known as the first to come up with various important inventions in the field of vehicle tires. 

In 1904, Continental became the first manufacturer ever to provide grooved tires that are incredibly effective to deal with adverse weather conditions such as rain, mud. 1 year later, a detachable wheel tire was also a remarkable innovation that was designed for touring vehicles.

In the US market, Continental provides a range of 59 various tire models. It gains a huge reputation for astonishing medium-duty truck and SUV tires and touring tires, as well as ultra-high performance tires and superb high-performance tires.

With its strident properties, it’s also an ideal option for replacing new tires. Don’t forget Continental promo codes to lower your purchase.


Having been in business since 1914, Cooper pretty much has a cult following for its high-quality race tires. It has gone through many up and down, but now become the most reliable tire brand in America

Cooper has 21 tire models. Although it offers less models than above brands, all of its offerings are high-rated and well-known for excellent performance. Its most remarkable lineups include the Discoverer line for truck and SUV tires. The Cooper Cobra line for muscle cars are also sought-after, it’s one of a very few with fat sidewalls in 14- and 15-inch diameters.

Not only tires, Cooper is also the most prolific producer of Camouflage goods, floatation devices and landing boats for the allied side of World War II. It was even achieved an honor “E” award by the United States government following the conclusion of the great war.


When you want to replace your tires, the rule of thumb is never select cheap tires as it’s not safe for driving, and also has poor longevity.

Instead, you should go for high-quality and reputable tires. 3 foregoing tires brands are tried-and-true tires for replacing. They will give you a functional and comfortable driving experience.