3 Best Roman Chair (Hyperextension Machines) For Your Home Gym


If you want to get a full-body workout in your home gym, a Roman chair is a must-have. It helps you strengthen the muscles in your lower back and abdomen. And there are many factors to consider before getting the one that suits your needs. 

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What is a Roman Chair?


When you first glance at a Roman chair, you might be a bit puzzled because this chair isn’t really a “chair” at all. Roman Chair is two padded pieces connected to a metal frame. The taller padded section is designed to support the upper part of the body. While the lower section will support the ankles and keep the knees straight.

Roman Chair is a useful machine for your home gym because it not only strengthens the lower back but also targets the gluteal muscles, hamstrings, and abs.

Expected Features To Look For In A Roman Chair


1. Stability & Construction

You should be finding a roman chair that is light yet stable. If it is too flimsy, it can tip over and make injury. So first and foremost, you should choose a stable and built-to-last chair with a heavy-duty steel frame.

2.  Adjustability

The ability to adjust the height is very important because it makes you can perform the exercises correctly. You should focus on the ankle pad and the overall length of the machine.

3. Comfort

Padding is the biggest factor when choosing a roman chair. If you get low-quality padding, it can cause pain and pressure on the back, core, or legs. Try to find a chair with thick padding to rest your hips and calves.

4. Add-on Extras

Today, many retailers offer roman chairs with add-ons allowing you to get a total-body workout with just one piece of equipment. 

5. Assembly & Maintenance

Most roman chairs require assembly before using in your home gym, so you have to confirm the way to install them. Additionally, maintenance is also really important to make sure your roman chair works properly.

3 Best Roman Chairs For Any Home Gym

1. Valor Fitness CB-13 


The Valor Fitness CB-13 comes with the most unique design. This chair uses an unusual tripod-like base allowing it to keep you steady during your workouts. This Roman Chair has a diamond plated footplate that adds additional support for ups to 350 pounds and measures 54 inches tall by 39 inches wide.

It contains 5 possible height adjustments that provide different exercises for users. Its shin pads and waist pad are made of high-quality vinyl so it is very easy to clean. 

In addition to the pros, the Valor Fitness CB-13 Roman Chair has some cons related to foldability. Storing this chair can be a hassle.

2. Titan Fitness Back/Extension Bench



If you’re looking for a new Roman chair for your home gym, the Titan Fitness Back/Extension Bench is a good idea with different height settings. It weighs a mere 44 pounds and can support up to 250. It's very easy to fold up after using it.

However, this chair tends to move mid-workout if it’s not placed on the carpet. 

3. Sunny Health & Fitness Hyperextension Roman Chair


The Sunny Health and Fitness Hyperextension Roman Chair is a basic but effective model for any gymers. It focuses on the lower back, hips, and glutes as well as offers a high level of comfort with its foam hip pad. 

With great adjustability, it uses a lever system to fit a wide range of height requirements. It also offers nonslip handlebars allowing you to get a solid grip throughout every workout. 

This roman chair is famous thanks to its foldable design. It can fold flat to make it more convenient when storing and transporting. This chair also gives you an additional dip station for those who are looking for an upper-body workout as well.

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If you want a whole-body workout at home, Roman chair is exactly what you need. Any of the models we suggest above will do the job nicely. However, we highly recommend the Hyperextension Roman Chair by Sunny Health & Fitness due to its great price point and versatility. All in all, when choosing a roman chair for your home gym, you need to focus on your demand and your budget.