3 Best Kitchen Sponges That Make Dishwashing A Breeze

Dishwashing is not a favorite task for some people. But with the best kitchen sponges, it will be more enjoyable. In this blog, we highlight 3 unique kitchen sponges that work effectively and save your time on washing dishes with your hands.

Natural Sea Sponge

Amongst the best kitchen sponges, Natural Sea is an eco-friendly fit for folks with sustainable lifestyles. It’s biodegradable and free from toxins, hence safe for your skin. Besides, it is a rapidly regenerating natural resource found in the waters off the coast of Florida.

What makes this sponge your favorite is its incredible softness, absorbency, and pliability. It not only helps to wash dishes more effectively, but it’s also ideal for cleaning floors, upholstery, windows, and cars. As it won’t scratch the metal, it’s a boon to scrub the pans, saucepans, pots… without damaging it.

Its size and soft texture may not fit for doing dishes, yet its versatility is astonishing.  You can cut it in half if it’s too large for your washing. That will not damage your sponge. Snag this natural sea sponge now from $15.16 at Amazon, use Amazon discount codes to save on your purchase.

Scrub Daddy

This sponge gains huge attention when it hits the television show Shark Tank. Yet what makes it the forefront of kitchen products over a decade is its hands down high quality. With a well-designed and practical function, it’s always the first choice of consumers.

Its design with a lovely smile makes this sponge really unique. But it’s not only for the aesthetic, it’s for the function. The ergonomic form cleans both sides of kitchen utensils at the same time, and the eye holes provide a strong grip, comparable to that of a bowling ball. The sponge's smiling section conforms to the curvature of plates and is especially useful for cleaning spoons.

The ability of rinse cleaning is incredible. When you run it under warm water, it becomes softer to squeeze out any flakes or material, and also facilitates the removal of excess waste. Besides, it’s an ideal alternative to a heavy scrubber that cleans a variety of surfaces without leaving any scratches.

The Scrub Daddy is less likely to house harmful bacteria since they develop in a damp environment with a food supply of trapped particles. It may also be washed or cleaned in the dishwasher. In fact, the sponge's pleasant absence of odor is one of the ways you can know it's more sanitary than other sponges.

The price of this ultimate sponge starts from $9.99. With what you will experience, it is well worth the investment. Use a Scrub Daddy coupon to save on your payment.


O-Cedar sponge is a dense cellulose sponge in the shape of a three-dimensional scrubber with an abrasive side. It takes one-tenth the amount of elbow grease to remove trash than comparable sponges thanks to a unique rippling surface that breaks up and pulls away grime. While sliding along a nonstick frying pan, the O-Cedar sponge stands up to difficult chores like boiler pans and stovetops.

This sponge also has massive fans thanks to its impressive clean rinsing. Even bothersome egg and cheese remnants won't attach to this sponge since the scrubbing section doesn't catch food particles. You can go from one operation to the next with the Scrunge as it rinses fully clean no matter what it has recently done.

With thicker cellulose sponge, it’s more absorbent while yet fitting nicely in the palm of your hand. Besides, it is odor resistant for up to two months, so there are no unpleasant odors. Snag a pack of 6 O-Cedar sponge for only $10.99, and apply O-Cedar promo codes at checkout to redeem for savings.


These 3 foregoing sponges are sheer game-changers for your hand-washing. Give them a spin and their coupons will put a huge dent in your payment. In addition, explore tips to remove your kitchen odor for happy meals and happy family time.