3 Best Bed Frames to Vamp Up Your Sleeping Room This Spring

Bedroom is the ideal place in our home for relaxing, so it’s worth a better treat. And there’s no better time to refresh your bedroom than spring. And bed frame is the backbone for your bedroom décor.

Finding a good bed frame seems difficult as you’re not sure about its quality, especially how long it lasts. So we are here to provide you 3 best bed frames that give you both style and quality. They have been highly rated by experts and reviewers thanks to their durability and modern design, thus transferring your sleeping space into a dreamed oasis.

Blu Dot Lid Bed Frame

Amongst the best bed frames, this Lid Platform Bed is a solid choice for someone loving to fall into the bed anytime. With the super-low platform bed frame, it’s safe to fall rather than climb into it. This frame is dependable with solid hardwood, boasting soft, padded rails. It comes in 4 neutral colors, you can easily get one that fits your room décor. Like any Blu Dot bed, you will get an ultimate mattress with durable fabric and unique construction.

The only withdrawal of this platform bed is the assembly, it may be a bit complex and take ages. It’s better to have one more person join hands to save time. But overall, it’s worth it thanks to your experience with it after that. Currently retailed at $1,199.00, it’s a steal price for your incredible platform bed. You can use Blue Dot coupons to lower your payment.

The Floyd Bed Frame

If you are looking for flexible furniture for your bedroom, this Floyd platform bed is your answer. Its module design is astonishingly simple with only two, three, or four panels slotting into powder-coated steel supports. Yet it’s functional for weight-sustaining, up to 600 pounds, plus providing strength without density to keep the components lightweight for their size.

Compared with the Blu Dot Lid Bed Frame, this frame assembly is a breeze. The design of this frame also makes it easy for you to disassemble and reassemble without any tools. So it’s the right choice for frequent movers or those who live in walk-ups. One bonus advantage of this bed is that you can add one to two built-in storage drawers to this low-profile bed frame.

There are 4 gorgeous hues available: black, white, birchwood, and walnut wood. No matter what color you select, your bedroom will shine with this bed. Besides, it comes in 5 configurations, select one that fits the size of your room. Its price ranges from $559.00 to $1145.00, and there’s an extra cost for storage drawers. But what thrills savvy shoppers is its 10-years warranty, so it’s a safe beg for you. Don’t forget to use Floyd promo codes to put a dent in your payment.

Thuma The Bed

Speaking of the easy assembly, there’s no bed frame that can hold a candle to Thuma The Bed. You don’t need any tools or support from other people, you can assemble it on your own within a few minutes. It boasts large components slotted together by a Japanese joinery technique -  fasten wood pieces with only tension and friction. So without hardware, piecing together The Bed feels like playing a gigantic game of Jenga in reverse. You’ll end up with an eye-catching bed rather than a collapsed pile of wood.

Its design is hands down elegant with a medium walnut finish. It fits any type of room décor as it’s neither too light nor too dark. Thanks to its strong structure, it can sustain more weight, up to 1,500 pounds. The price of this bed is $1,095.00, and it offers a lifetime warranty. Head over to the store to snag it now, and apply a Thuma coupon code at the checkout to redeem for saving.


These 3 foregoing bed frames obviously elevate your sleeping ambiance with compelling design. Besides, they feature high-quality material as well as durable construction, letting you use it for over decades. Select one you love most and apply its coupons to get it at a fraction of the cost.

Besides, if you have no idea about how to refresh your space this spring, tap here to learn.