3 Bedtime Rituals that Help You Have a Better Sleep

Setting up bedtime rituals goes a long way in achieving a good night’s sleep which is beneficial actually to our health. Because a little routine before sleep is a practical “time to sleep” sign that makes you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.

You may have no idea about how to have a bedtime ritual, fear not! In this article, I will suggest 3 bedtime rituals that help you get a better sleep. Let’s dive into it!


Meditation is one of the best things that you can practice before sleep every day to sleep well.

Research pointed out that meditation works to make your body release more natural melatonin – a sleep hormone that makes you fall asleep faster. Besides, it has long been known to reduce stress effectively as it helps reduce cortisol, which is the hormone associated with stress. It’s obvious that the less stress you get, the better your night sleep is.

Meditation is also a sheer weapon to fight against mental health disorders which cause insomnia. By using meditation to abate symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, you will get an easier time falling and staying asleep.

Therefore, you can spend half an hour before sleeping to meditate to sleep better from now on. It is worth noting that meditation is not easy to practice, it also negatively affects your mental health if you do it improperly. You should go for a meditation course to have a suitable and spot-on meditation. Make use of meditation class coupons to lower your payment.

Take Warm Shower

Taking a hot bath before bed is also an ideal way to sleep better, especially if the water temperature and timing of the bath are just right.

Shahab Haghayegh - a PhD candidate in the department of biomedical engineering at The University of Texas at Austin proved that taking bath one to two hours - ideally, 90 minutes - before bed in water at 104 to 109°F (40 to 43°C) did the trick to help people get the best quality sleep.

It turned out that a warm bath or shower stimulates the body’s thermoregulatory system, causing blood circulation from the internal core to the peripheral sites of the hands and feet. That works to remove body heat and get the body temperature to decrease. Body temperature falls engender the pineal gland to signal the production of melatonin hormone.

Besides, taking a warm shower helps you relax and de-stress as the water has a way of soothing your mind so your thoughts can become more fluid and your ideas have a chance to crystallize.

Read Book

Reading books is also an ideal bedtime ritual that helps you boost the quality of night’s sleep.

A 2009 study from researchers at University of Sussex proved that six minutes of reading reduces stress by 68% (more relaxing than either music or a cup of tea), thus readying the body for sleep.

According to Dr. David Lewis, the book is “more than merely a distraction, but an active engagement of the imagination,” one that “causes you to enter an altered state of consciousness.”  As the mind is involved in a world constructed by words, tension flies away and the body relaxes, paving the way for sleep.

However, reading a book before sleeping too long will lose its value as it causes stress or makes you get carried away that you forget to sleep. You should spend only 10 – 15 minutes reading before sleeping.

Hope that with 3 foregoing suggestions for bedtime ritual, you can find out your suitable one and get a better night’s sleep.